Radical Philosophy

In light of recent events, and in particular the corporate media’s portrayal of recent events and the use of the word ‘violence’ to describe property damage and justified anger on the part of protesters, whilst rampant police thuggery barely earns column inches I think it important to think about ‘violence’ as a concept. Consider the flyer in the previous post.

Consider also radical philosopher Roy Edgley (indeed the brain behind ‘Radical Philosophy’, the journal he started in the 1970’s that is still going strong today) and in particular his essay ‘Reason and Violence’. I’m not sure it is available online, perhaps if you search hard enough. Anyway, thanks to the stack of original 1970’s journals I recently found whilst looking through a bin (University libraries really do throw away the silliest things, thanks Kingston) I can refer to the paper copy in front of me. I quote-

‘To do nothing but argue against a situation when argument is ineffective is to do nothing about that situation; and if effective ways of changing it are open, doing nothing is to share the responsibility for maintaining the situation, and may be contrary to reason.’

Apply this to your struggle. Speak truth to power and give the lie to Rupert Murdoch and Aaron Porter alike. And if necessary embrace the labels they throw your way and wear them with pride.

Your anger is a gift remember.

The whole world is watching, Roehampton.


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